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What is Proximate Cause?

The actions of the person (or entity) who owes you a duty must be sufficiently related to your injuries such that the law considers the person to have caused your injuries in a legal sense. If someone’s actions are a remote cause of your injury, they are not a proximate cause. However, if your injury would not have occurred “but for” the actions of another, then usually you can conclude there was proximate causation. Usually, this is an easy question.

But proximate cause can also be the most difficult issue in a personal injury case. Not every remote cause of an injury will result in a right to recover damage.

Sometimes, the actions of the person who got hurt can be the cause of their own injuries.

Can the actions of different people be the proximate cause of my injury?

Comparative Fault—What if the defendant says I contributed to my injuries?

I think I have been injured by the wrongful conduct of another

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