Our Lawyers

How do we find the right lawyer?

We’ve leveraged our years of experience and resources to put together our team of recommended lawyers – over 350 of them – that handle cases in more than 160 practice areas, including divorce, workers’ compensation and personal injury. Each lawyer we recommend has been interviewed and approved by a group of their peers. Each year, we screen all of our recommended lawyers again to ensure that they continue to maintain all of our requirements and high standards.

Our Lawyers Are:


Our Lawyers:

  • Help serve the hundreds of people who call us every day like you seeking legal advice and representation.
  • Provide LRS-referred clients with an initial consultation of up to 30 minutes for $35 or free, depending on the type of case.
  • Put any work they will do for you beyond the initial consultation in writing.
  • Must have an office at which to meet with potential clients.
  • Must be in good standing before the Bar of the State of New York.