Edward H. found a lawyer whose assistance changed his life for the better

“I am writing to express my profound thanks and appreciation for your referral to Leo W., Esq.

Without his legal expertise, I could not have obtained my goals in a few months. His commitment to details, preparedness and professionalism made this a less painstaking process.

Leo W., Esq. is a goodwill ambassador to the legal profession and a credit to the New York City Bar Legal Referral Service. I can never adequately express how his assistance has changed my life for the better. Finally, I can now retire after working nearly forty-years.

If anyone asks me for a legal recommendation, I will not hesitate to refer them to the New York City Bar Legal Referral Service, and especially to Leo W., Esq. Satisfied client!”

Holly F. found the right lawyer for a complicated issue

“I am an attorney that utilized your referral service.  The attorney referral counselor assisted me on a complicated representation involving multiple disciplines of the law.

I wanted to let you know that the counselor went above and beyond and deserves recognition for her efforts and the time she spent finding me the right referral.  She not only was a pleasure to work with, but her concern and thoughtfulness shined through and was greatly appreciated.  She should be commended for her high work ethic and truly is an asset to the New York City Bar Association.”

Soraya H. found a sympathetic and understanding lawyer

“Lewis T., Esq. is a gentleman and an excellent person. He helped me resolve my question without the need for further litigation. He was not only knowledgeable, but also sympathetic and understanding. I cannot thank you enough for this recommendation.”

What Soraya H.’s lawyer had to say…

“Often, when one is embroiled in controversy, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture. Here, we were able to provide practical advice and, at the same time, help put the problem in perspective.” – Lewis T., Esq., LRS Lawyer (Soraya H.’s lawyer)

Fran R.’s lawyer helped resolve her situation to her satisfaction

“Please extend my gratitude to Charles M., Esq. for all his insight! The situation for which we sought his guidance has been resolved to our satisfaction. Thank you to the New York City Bar Legal Referral Service and Charles M., Esq.!”

Marie M. found a fantastic Medical Malpractice lawyer

“The attorney was very respectful of my feelings and my Hispanic culture. He was sensitive, a wonderful human being, professional and fantastic.  Robert H., Esq. guided me through the process. I had called other attorneys who declined to see me and never gave me any advice, and I felt that maybe I was not telling the right information. Robert H., Esq. took the time—I think he is an angel.”

Rebecca E. found the right Consumer Law lawyer

“I was very satisfied with both the Legal Referral Service attorney counselor and David K., Esq. The matter was resolved by David K., Esq. A job well done. Thanks very much.”

Rebecca E. found a lawyer who was very happy to help

“Rebecca E. had purchased a brand new vehicle and the car kept breaking down.  After the dealer refused her demand to take the car back we initiated a lawsuit and the matter resolved pretty quickly thereafter with the manufacturer buying the car back under the terms of New York’s Lemon Law.  My client was thrilled to be rid of her defective vehicle. And I was very happy to help out a consumer that did not get what she had bargained for.” – David K., Esq., LRS Lawyer (Rebecca E.’s lawyer)

Barbara P. found a lawyer with expertise and quiet persistence

“We have completed our business in a very successful manner. His kindness, professional manner, expertise and quiet persistence were amazing and everything worked out. I am so happy! Thank you!”

Steven L. found a tenacious attorney

“Outstanding attorney. He listened, answered questions, asked the right questions, was tenacious and won my case. A genuinely nice person. “

Steven L. found a lawyer who believes in customer service

“…As to maintaining a strong relationship, it’s nothing secret – return the client’s calls the same day, and keep your promises about when you can do things. That means being realistic about your schedule, of course.” – Jason R., Esq. LRS Lawyer (Steven L.’s lawyer)

R. Myers found a knowledgeable and courteous lawyer

“I wanted to let you know that I met with Michael M., Esq. this week, and he was fantastic. I was skeptical that the referral service would provide anything useful, beyond what I had learned while shopping around for an attorney by phone and trying to decide what legal steps to take, if any—but I was wrong.

Michael M., Esq. was knowledgeable, courteous, took his time, and was conscious of the brief nature of our consult and willing to give his all during that period. I am planning to hire him for a longer consultation, and retain him if I decide that legal steps are needed.”

Adnan F.’s Landlord-Tenant lawyer kept his business alive

“I cannot thank you enough for referring me to attorney Charles S. At the time of your referral I was in grave danger of being evicted. My brother and I invested our life savings in opening up and operating a deli/luncheonette. We fell behind in our rent. Attorney Charles S. almost miraculously was able to put together a settlement enabling us to pay off the arrears in installments and keep our business alive. Thanks again for referring us to attorney Charles S.”

Alice H. found a very hardworking Employment Law lawyer

“Steven S., Esq. was phenomenal. He was extremely clear, helpful, and realistic but at the same time energizing, very hardworking and fast. He gave me strength to keep going when I wanted to collapse and hide. The defense memo he helped me hone, made the bosses back off and gave hope to other co-workers and helped them find their voice. Thank you to all the lawyers who participate in the LRS.”

Sharon N.

“Friendly and compassionate. Just what is needed when you are most vulnerable. Thank you.”

Sumali D.

“Very courteous and patient. The Legal Referral Service takes their time in understanding your legal issue and directing you to the appropriate service to ensure you’re taken care of! I highly recommend reaching out to this service.”