Additional Resources

Complaints about Lawyers

Complaints about Lawyers & Judges in NYC
Learn about the different types of complaints you can make against lawyers and court personnel in New York City, and how the complaint process works.

New York State Office of Court Administration
Find out if an attorney is in good standing and/or admitted to practice in the New York State by searching an online database or calling the number listed.

Attorney Fee Disputes
Learn how to resolve a fee dispute with your attorney through arbitration or mediation.


NYC Small Claims Court
Learn how to file a claim in Small Claims Court, including how to prepare your case, how the court process works and how to collect on a judgment.

Small Claims Court Guide
This guide provides help for those using the Small Claims Courts located in the five boroughs of New York City.

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation Program
Learn about Court-Connected ADR Programs where you can resolve your conflicts out of court with creative solutions.

Representing Yourself Court Help
Find information and forms to help you represent yourself in Civil Court in New York.

Access to Justice in NY State Courts
Learn how to navigate the justice system, and where to find low-cost and free help if you are a person of low income or modest means.

Find a Court Form
Find court forms you can use in Family Court, Surrogate’s Court, Civil Court and Criminal Court in New York State.

New York State Government Agencies

Find a DMV Form
Find DMV Forms for reporting accidents, changing your address, appealing after a DMV hearing, and requesting DMV records.

Find a Company or Business
Search the Department of State database to find information, including the status, of New York companies and business entities.

File a Consumer Complaint with the Attorney General
Learn how to file an informal complaint against a merchant or business and participate in mediation with the merchant or business.