Moderate Means

The Moderate Means program has been suspended until further notice. Please check back here for updates. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Business Colleagues

The Moderate Means program matches qualified individuals and small business owners who have moderate income levels with experienced lawyers. The lawyers who participate in this program accept reduced retainers and payment plans for all legal work. The first 30-minute consultation is free.

What Topics Are Covered by the Moderate Means Program?

The program operates only in these areas:

Simple Bankruptcy

If you are employed, but have no assets such as stocks, valuable collections or real estate other than your home you should call for an appointment. Even if you own a car or home, such as a cooperative apartment, condominium or private home you should contact us to see if you are eligible.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is when you and your spouse agree about all the terms of the divorce and there are no issues about dividing the property, child custody or support. If all such issues have been settled by Court order or written agreement, you might be eligible for the program.

Small Business

If you are a small business owner with moderate income, who needs legal advice or representation about business structure, commercial leases, contracts, sales and corporate tax, or other business-related legal problems, you may be eligible for the program.

How Do I Get Connected With A Moderate Means Lawyer?

  • If you have a moderate income level and your legal issue is covered by the program we will make an appointment for you to meet with a volunteer lawyer at the next available Monday Night Law (MNL) session. You will need to complete the Moderate Means Program questionnaire, with the help of the MNL volunteer lawyer, so that we can determine if you are eligible.
  • Once we receive your completed questionnaire we will contact you within two weeks and let you know whether you qualify for the program and, if so, whether a Moderate Means lawyer is available to help you with your case. If you are referred to a Moderate Means lawyer your next step is to contact the lawyer and schedule your initial 30-minute consultation.
  • Call 212-626-7373 (Español 212-626-7374) to discuss your legal issue with us and ask about our Moderate Means Program.

Things to Know

  • All information you provide in the questionnaire is only for placement with a lawyer in the Moderate Means Program, and will not be used or shared in any other way.
  • Please note that we have a limited number of lawyers who participate in the Moderate Means Program and completing the questionnaire does not guarantee you will be referred to a lawyer.
  • If you are qualified, meet the requirements of the program, and are referred to a participating lawyer, you do not have to hire the lawyer and the lawyer does not have to take your case.