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A whistleblower is an individual (usually an employee) who reports what the individual believes amounts to unlawful activity (like fraud, unsafe work conditions, or civil rights violations) or activity by the employer (like illegal waste dumping) that threatens the public health. A whistleblower lawyer may help protect whistleblowers. In addition to the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989, there are a variety of federal laws that include whistleblower provisions to protect whistleblowers from employer retaliation. The New York State Labor Law also provides whistleblower protection. Under these provisions, if you disclose, threaten to disclose, testify in a hearing or refuse to participate in illegal activity of your employer, you may not be fired, suspended, demoted, have your pay docked or reduced, or otherwise have your employment negatively impacted because of your whistleblowing. You are protected even if your employer turns out not to have broken the law and a whistleblower lawyer will help ensure this.

Whistleblowers who prove retaliation in court may receive reinstatement, back pay and other damages. Whistleblowers who believe their employer is committing fraud against the government may also be entitled to file a lawsuit against their employer on behalf of themselves and the government. In these "qui tam" cases, the government may or may not intervene, and the whistleblower plaintiff may share in any recovery. If you believe your employer is engaged in serious fraud against the federal or state government, you should consult an experienced employment lawyer immediately.

How do I know if I have been retaliated against for my whistleblowing activities?

I think I am a victim of retaliation because of my whistleblowing activity

How can a whistleblower lawyer help me?

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