Tax the Rich?

New York City Bar Association · Tax The Rich?


The vast majority of Americans – 71% – think the economy is rigged against them. Guess what – they’re right. How do you rig an economy? You start with the U.S. tax code.

We held a conversation about the nation’s tax code with Erica Payne, founder and President of the Patriotic Millionaires, a group of high-net worth Americans, business leaders, and investors who are united in their concern about the destabilizing concentration of wealth and power in America, and Morris Pearl, Chair of the Patriotic Millionaires and former managing director at BlackRock, Inc. They’ll discuss exactly how “the rich”—and the politicians they control—manipulate the U.S. tax code to ensure the rich get richer, and what reforms are needed to ensure our tax code reduces, rather than increases, economic inequality.

Morris Pearl, Chair, Patriotic Millionaires; former managing director, BlackRock, Inc.
Erica Payne, founder and President, Patriotic Millionaires