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Legal Topics

If you are looking for some basic legal information, you may want to check out the Legal Referral Service’s Legal Topics pages. Here you will find short, easy-to-read articles and explanations that have been written and edited by lawyers, covering such topics as Family Law, Immigration, Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Worker’s Compensation, Landlord-Tenant, and many others.

Small Claims Court Guide

In most situations, lawyers are not used in Small Claims Court, and the parties represent themselves. This guide provides help with cases filed in Small Claims Courts in the five boroughs of New York City.

Real Estate Forms

Many real estate matters, such as leases, sales contracts and promissory notes, can be handled using pre-printed forms with some modifications to fit your specific needs. Most of these forms should be used with the help of a lawyer, since they are legally binding once you sign them. You can find a variety of helpful real estate forms here.

Other Resources

If you are looking for helpful brochures on a variety of legal topics, you can try looking here.