Small Claims Court Guide Overview

This guide is intended to help those using the Small Claims Courts located in the five boroughs of New York City. These courts are a division of the New York City Civil Court. The information contained here is current as of October 28, 2016. This guide does not contain all available information relating to the Small Claims Court procedures and rules.

For a more comprehensive presentation of the Small Claims Court process, visit The New York City Civil Court website.

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What is Small Claims Court?

Small Claims Court, often referred to as the “People’s Court,” is a place to get relatively quick and simple resolution of a civil (not criminal) dispute without the need for a lawyer. The claim cannot exceed $5,000 and must be for money only (not, for example, to force someone to fix a damaged item, or for pain and suffering).

These are typical types of Small Claims Court cases:

  • Breach of a contract, lease, warranty or agreement
  • Bounced or stopped check
  • Loss of luggage, property, time from work, or use of property
  • Damage to an automobile, other personal property, real property
  • Failure to provide proper repairs, services, merchandise
  • Failure to pay for services rendered, salary, rent, for goods sold and delivered
  • Failure to return security, property, a deposit or money loaned

There is a glossary of terms you may find helpful to understand the legal terms used in this guide. You can find the glossary here.

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