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Committee Resources

Policy Department’s 2021-22 Committee Year Highlights

Committee Handbook

New York State Legislative Process: Glossary of Frequently Used Phrases

How a Bill Becomes a Law

Tracking State and City Legislation: Tips

Committee Reports and Member Best Practices

Committee Reports Style Guide

Your Committee Issued a Report…Now What?

Engaging in Advocacy: How to Get Involved After a Committee Takes a Position

Lobbying for Passage of a Bill in NYS: Some Basics

Providing Hearing Testimony: What to Expect

Social Media Best Practices: Promoting Your Involvement at the City Bar

Bill Tracking / Government


New York State Governor’s Office

New York State Assembly | New York State Senate 
Search legislation, find your representatives, read press releases, see when the Assembly and Senate are in session and what is on their agendas, and provide live audio and video coverage of legislative proceedings.

New York State Legislative Retrieval System 
Search for current and past bills by bill number, keyword, chapter number and others; provides bill text, status, summaries, sponsors memos, floor votes, floor calendars, committee agendas, chaptered laws, and veto and approval messages from the Governor.

New York State Legislative Session Calendar
The state legislative session generally runs from January through June each year.

New York State Public Hearing Calendar
Updated as hearings are scheduled or modified. Great resource for committees interested in providing testimony on issues they’ve commented on.

New York State Library
Provides access to materials that support State government work, including bill/veto/recall jackets for legislation and documentation on the legislative intent/history of bills.

New York Department of State’s Division of Administrative Rules
Official compilation of state agency rules and regulations; posts notices of newly proposed rules or proposed changes to existing rules and how to provide comments on those proposals.

Administrative Rules of the Unified Court System & Uniform Rules of the Trial Courts
Provides access to rules governing New York’s court system and proposed rules open for public comment.

New York State Constitution

Annual Reports of the New York State Assembly Committees
These reports give a good overview of the types of bills that fall under the jurisdiction of the various committees operating in the NYS Assembly.

Reports of Advisory Committees to the Chief Administrative Judge of the Courts of the State of New York
These reports contain the recommendations for legislative action pertaining to the judiciary and the protocol of procedures within various courts.

National Conference of State Legislatures
Provides research, technical assistance and opportunities for policymakers to exchange ideas on the most pressing state issues.



New York City Council
Search legislation; find your council member; read press releases; view legislative calendars; provides committee reports, hearing transcripts and videos of hearings and stated meetings of the full Council.

Green Book Online
Online directory of New York City elected officials, agencies, offices, boards, and commissions.

NYC Rules
Review proposed rules for City agencies; provides information on rulemaking and how to provide comments on rules before they are adopted into law.

New York City Charter | Charter Revision Commission

Local Laws Legislative History Research
A guide on where to find legislative histories of Local Laws from 1938-present.



The White House

U.S House of Representatives

U.S Senate

The Library of Congress: THOMAS | Congress.GovGovTrack.us
Resources to search and track legislative information on a federal level.

News: Staying Informed

Albany Times Union: Capitol Confidential Blog

City & State

Gotham Gazette

The City


The Legislative Gazette

The New York Times: Politics

Axios – Politics

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