Should NYC Municipal Elections Be Moved to Even-Numbered Years?


New York City has long elected its mayors and other municipal leaders in odd-numbered years. A growing chorus of reformers says that moving these elections to even-numbered years would improve local government and politics – driving higher turnout, lowering election costs, and bringing a broader and more representative electorate to the polls. Skeptics question these benefits. Should New York make the change to even-numbered years? What legal and constitutional changes would be needed to make this happen? This panel looks at the pros, the cons, the law and the politics of this interesting and innovative proposal.

Brigid Bergin, Senior Reporter, WNYC
Ben Weinberg, Director of Public Policy, Citizens Union
Sandra Ung, Council Member, District 20, New York City Council
Marina Pino, Elections and Government Counsel, Brennan Center for Justice
Robert Jackson, New York State Senator, District 31

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New York City Affairs, Jeremy Feigelson, Chair

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Government Ethics & State Affairs, Mohammed Akber Alam & Gabriel Panek, Co-Chairs

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Citizens Union
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