Government Ethics & State Affairs Committee

The New York City Bar Association’s Committee on Government Ethics and State Affairs seeks to shine a light broadly on issues of ethical conduct in public service at the city, state, and federal levels. We look at issues of substantive ethics standards, such as public officials’ financial disclosure obligations; prosecutorial ethics; the types of restrictions that should be imposed on public officials’ employment following government service (based on their public responsibilities), or during government service (based on their prior employment or personal financial interests); and ethical issues arising in the judiciary. We also focus on structural ethics issues — for example, our 2010 report, Reforming New York State's Ethics Laws the Right Way, argued for a single independent commission to consolidate the ethics enforcement responsibilities that had been divided among multiple agencies and branches of government.

Our work product takes the form of Committee discussions, long-form reports, shorter public statements and amicus briefs. We also sponsor or co-sponsor public events from time to time. We work closely with other committees of the Association to prepare public statements and sponsor events on matters of common interest.

Invitation for Public Comment: NYS Constitutional Amendment to Promote Government Integrity - Comments Due March 9, 2018

Letter to Speaker Heastie regarding the Failure to Appoint the Commission to Review Work of JCOPE and the LEC (February 2015)

Letter to Governor Cuomo regarding the Failure to Appoint the Commission to Review Work of JCOPE and the LEC (January 2015)

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