This Lawyer’s Life: Maia Goodell – Partner, Disability Rights and Justice

This Lawyer’s Life · Maia Goodell: Partner, Disability Rights and Justice

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Gregory Binstock, City Bar Director of Professional Development, is joined by Maia Goodell, a Partner at Vladeck, Raskin & Clark and a civil rights lawyer for people facing employment or disability discrimination. Maia talked about spending her career in pursuit of opportunities to defend equity, and about her experiences litigating against the likes of the MTA, Yale University and Washington, D.C. 

Tune in to learn more about: 

  • Maia’s path from U.S. Navy Officer to civil rights advocate 
  • How Maia’s belief in equality and human dignity aligns with her own spiritual practice 
  • How a civil rights litigator navigates the sharing of big wins and disappointing losses with her clients, and how she navigates relationships with co-counsel 
  • Maia’s insight about the litigation mindset and how she builds litigation teams 

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