Pathway to the Profession, a Landscape of Exclusion

New York City Bar Association · Pathway to the Profession, a Landscape of Exclusion

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Why do you have to take the LSAT to get into law school? Is the modern Bar Exam the best way to protect the public and sort bar admission applicants? Why is the law school curriculum designed the way that it is? What does it mean to have the character and fitness to be a lawyer? Many lawyers take for granted that the answers to these questions are settled. The assumption is that these institutions help us select only the best and the brightest to enter the legal profession. In this episode of the City Bar Podcast, two academic experts help us probe those assumptions. They unpack the history, structure and outcomes of these institutions of selection. And they tease out the many interconnected ways in which the status quo functionally excludes people from underrepresented communities from entering the legal profession.

Tune in to learn about:

  • How standardized tests that claim to predict law school success sort significantly based on economic class and race. 
  • How the Bar Exam still in use today has historical roots in purposeful exclusion. 
  • How Black and Latinx students get less financial aid and more debt on their paths through law school.  
  • How legal education is largely set up to benefit people who come in knowing something about the law and “legal culture,” to the detriment of first-generation lawyers. 
  • How character and fitness standards have historically largely reflected the bigotry and biases of the era. 
  • How the legal profession can begin to reverse course and make these institutions work to include more people with the motivation, intelligence, skills, talent and commitment to becoming a lawyer.



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Access a transcript of this episode here: https://bit.ly/40wHKCa