Building Belonging: Alternative Paths to Belonging

Building Belonging · Alternative Paths to Belonging

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In this episode of Building Belonging we talk to a few folks who have found their belonging by exploring alternative career paths outside the law. Margaret Segreti and Sam Choi join us from Bloomberg to discuss their personal journey from being practicing lawyers to discovering unanticipated roles in data analysis. Margaret and Sam emphasize the importance of being open to taking systematic, informed risks and embracing non-traditional roles when marketing yourself. They also share their expertise on developing artificial intelligence tools in a way that mitigates bias and incorporates DEI principles from step one. 

Tune in to learn more about: 

  • The challenges and rewards of shifting gears mid-career 
  • How to approach marketing yourself when you are looking to make a change 
  • Navigating bias in the design and build of artificial intelligence tools 
  • The day-to-day work life of a JD that is not practicing law 

Access a transcript of this episode here: https://bit.ly/3tO7qhS


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