Building Belonging: Is the Legal Profession Making Good on Its Mental Health Promises?

Building Belonging · Is the Legal Profession Making Good on Its Mental Health Promises?

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Building Belonging is joined by Eileen Travis, Executive Director of the City Bar Lawyer Assistance Program. Eileen has thirty years’ experience in mental-health services and has been part of the spearhead of the legal profession’s growing awareness of and respect for mental health and well-being. Eileen has great insight to share about the history of how the legal profession has dealt with mental health and well-being issues. She explained how shifting attitudes haven’t always led to substantial shifts in a culture that drives lawyers to burnout. But Eileen also shared her experience of progress being made by a new Gen Z workforce that is driving some of the well-being culture changes that the profession needs. 

Tune in to hear more about: 

  • How the landscape of mental health in the legal profession was dramatically changed by a groundbreaking ABA report (linked below) 
  • How the legal profession has succeeded in producing more mental-health resources without always giving lawyers meaningful opportunities to utilize those resources 
  • How LAP has worked to change the character and fitness process to be less stigmatizing and more compassionate 
  • The history of Lawyers Assistance Programs in New York and around the world, and how they built a foundation for wellness programs in the legal profession today 

The Path to Lawyer Well-Being: Practical Recommendations for Positive Change (aka the Krill Report): https://bityl.co/MRc6  


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