Law Students Overview

In today’s competitive market it’s never too early to get ahead. City Bar Student Membership offers you endless opportunities to enhance your skills and to explore all of the possibilities the profession has to offer.

In his remarks upon taking office in May 2024, City Bar President Muhammad U. Faridi spoke about his introduction to the Association as a law student.


Committee Involvement

Apply to serve a one-year term on one of our 150 committees where you can gain first-hand knowledge and form relationships with practicing attorneys.

Programs, Social Events & Networking

The City Bar is renown for the number and variety of programs held throughout the day and evening on issues of law ranging from international human rights issues to changes in the regulation of the financial system. There is truly an event for everyone, and if you are still exploring your interests, these programs are a great way to become more informed about different areas of law and to meet lawyers practicing in those areas of law. In addition to keeping our members informed on various issues and changes in the legal world, the City Bar also hosts numerous social events where members can network and mingle, such as Lawyers Connect, a series of networking events created for law students and young professionals.

The City Bar Summer Series: Each summer, the City Bar selects a few areas of law to hold programs that consist of a one hour panel presentation followed by small group discussions led by panel members and other attorneys. Summer Series give you the unique opportunity to ask questions and gain significat insight into these exciting practice areas.

Annual Boot Camp: Each fall, the City Bar hosts Boot Camp, a program that provides recent law graduates and current law students with career planning information and skill building. These programs focus on helping you assess your skills, assess the market and get practice ready. Whether you are seeking a job at a large or small firm, government or public interest organization, hanging out your own shingle, or not sure what your next step should be, these sessions provide skills, tips and advice that will help you achieve success.

Career Advancement

Becoming a student member of the New York City Bar Association is a great way to start shaping your career early on. The Association has several programs created specifically for law students and recent law school graduates. There are a number of programs held year-round aimed at providing helpful tips for applying for jobs, writing your resume and cover letter, interviewing and more.


Being a member of the City Bar also gives you the opportunity to unwind from work. The Association is proud to have The Contemplative Lawyers Group, which is a group of lawyers and law students interested in applying a meditative perspective to the practice of law, who meet monthly at the City Bar. The meetings include guided mindfulness meditation followed by a talk by an attorney who is also a mindfulness meditation teacher. No meditation experience is necessary; everyone is invited.