Committee FAQ for Students

Interested in serving on a committee? Committee participation can offer many rewarding opportunites for students. The process is explained below.

Can a student join a committee?

Yes, any student who is a member of the City Bar is eligible to apply for a committee. If you are not yet a City Bar member, you may join here. Most City Bar committees are encouraged to appoint up to three Student Members to the committee.

What are the benefits of joining a committee?

Being part of a committee can give you great experience while opening up a number of career doors. Being on a committee is a great networking opportunity as well as an introduction to an area of law. As a committee member, you may be involved in drafting reports, research and program planning. These are all great experiences as you work towards your career development goals.

What is involved with being on a City Bar committee?

Students are appointed for one year and are expected to attend monthly meetings September to June. Student members are non-voting members but the committees make an effort to include Law Student Members in the work of the committee. Though the role of a student member may vary from committee to committee, students are often asked to assist with research, help plan programs and draft reports and reach out to potential speakers, and engage in the committee’s public service activities.

Are there some committees that are “more open” for students than others?

Because membership on a committee is limited, some committees are very competitive but the majority of committees have openings. Consider choosing more than one committee to apply to; if the first committee you select is full, we will do our best to place you on another. Please keep in mind that the broader your scope of committee interest, the more likely you will be placed on a committee that is both personally and professionally rewarding.

What are the chairs looking for when selecting a student?

Committee chairs are looking for Student Members who are engaged and enthusiastic, and will commit to attending the meetings and working on committee projects.

How do I apply to be on a committee?

Committee Preferences may be made online here. Additionally, you may contact the committee chair directly to express your interest in participating on the committee.

When is the best time to apply for a committee?

In March, the City Bar invites members to apply for committee service for the term beginning in September. Student Members are also encouraged to apply in late summer/early fall before the first committee meeting in September.

When can I expect to hear if I was appointed?

If you have been appointed to a committee you will most likely hear from us by mid-summer for a term beginning in September. If you have not heard from us please note the committee chairs may keep your resume on file and consider you at a later time.

I’m a 3L student. If I join a committee now, can I automatically stay on after I graduate?

No. You would need to reapply, since you would no longer be a considered a student member and would now be considered a voting member of the committee.

I’m an LLM student. Am I eligible to apply to a committee?

Yes. Graduate student members can apply and serve as student members on a committee.

Is there an additional fee associated with being a student member on a committee?

Though most committees collect dues the City Bar recommends to Committee Chairs that Student Members be exempt from such dues to the extent practical.