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New York Today: How to Run for Office (The New York Times)

The New York Times, April 7, 2017

New York Today: How to Run for Office

“‘There’s been an enormous uptick in interest in running for office,’ said Sarah K. Steiner, an election lawyer, referring to city government. What are the basics? The city requires candidates to gather 450 signatures. But you should collect around 3,000 to be on the safe side, said Martin Connor, a former state senator and the chairman of the New York City Bar Association’s election law committee. Petitions are due in July….How do you run a campaign in New York City? First, you’ll need thick skin. ‘And it’s a slog,’ Mr. Connor added. ‘Studies show that the most effective way to earn a vote is person-to-person contact, so it’s a lot of knocking on doors and doing mailings and talking to people at subway stops and street fairs.’ What’s the secret of success? ‘Candidates who are successful have a community of some sort behind them,” Ms. Steiner said. ‘In an ideal world,’ she added, ‘the candidate should be raising money and talking to voters. That’s pretty much it.'”

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