The Destruction of Memory: Cultural Crimes and the National and International Efforts to Combat Them

This program screens the award-winning documentary The Destruction of Memory, which chronicles the “genocidal war against culture” over the last century and the battle to save it. Tim Slade’s 85-minute film will be followed by a distinguished panel of diplomats and experts, who will focus on international efforts to define the destruction of culture as a war crime; international efforts by UNESCO, the UN Security Council, UNIDROIT and the Council of Europe to combat the illicit traffic in conflict antiquities, including efforts to link the funding of terrorism and the illicit antiquities trade; initiatives by Italy, Jordan, France, the United Arab Emirates and other governments to deal with the current crisis arising from ISIS’s massive destruction of world heritage sites; and recommendations for how art-market stakeholders can and should stem the illicit traffic in antiquities. The program is particularly timely in view of the historic unanimous Security Council Resolution 2347 on March 24, which reflects a new recognition of the Security Council’s Article 7 mandate to protect the world’s heritage to maintain international peace and security, and a coordinated effort by states and international adjudicators to combat its destruction.

Angelo Felicetti, Member, UN Security Council, Monitoring Team – 1267
Luigi Marini, Legal Advisor, Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations
Marie Paule Roudil, Director of Office and UNESCO Representative, United Nations
Tess Davis, Executive Director, Antiquities Coalition
Tim Slade, Director/Producer, Vast Productions

Barbara T. Hoffman, Hoffman Law Firm

Sponsoring Association Committees:
Art Law Committee, Steven Schindler, Chair
International Human Rights Committee, Anil Kalhan, Chair
Middle Eastern & North African Affairs Committee, Bob Michael, Chair
United Nations Committee, Michael D. Cooper, Chair