Primer on Cross-Border Prosecutions in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico for U.S. Criminal Lawyers

Many of the most interesting challenges in criminal law enforcement and defense occur involve issues of cross-border criminal justice. Crimes such as money-laundering and corruption often implicate the authorities and the laws of more than one jurisdiction. The procedures by which such crimes are investigated, tried and defended are often radically different. This panel will explore how certain criminal procedure issues differ between Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and the U.S. and will address the reason for and practical consequences stemming from those differences. Specifically, the panel will explore how charging decisions are made in the various jurisdictions and how the presence or absence of a grand jury factors into the charging process. Panelists will also discuss the process by which cases are tried in their jurisdictions and discuss efforts to incorporate the trial by jury system in Latin America. Finally, the panel will discuss plea bargaining and sentencing issues across the various jurisdictions. 

Intro and Closing Speaker:
Maximo Langer
, David G. Price and Dallas P. Price Professor of Law, Director of the UCLA Transnational Program on Criminal Justice 

Andrés Torres, Deputy Bureau Chief, Special Investigations Bureau, Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor for the City of New York

Daniel R. Alonso, Buckley LLP
Ludmila Groch, Lefosse Advogados
Andrés Harfuch, Public Defender and Associate Professor at the Universidad de Buenos Aires 
Marko Magdic, Director and Senior Consultant, STePconsulting
Ilan Katz Mayo, Katz & Gudiño, S.C. 

Sponsoring Committee:
Inter-American Affairs, Michael A. Fernandez, Chair

Co-Sponsoring Committees:
Criminal Advocacy, Brian A. Jacobs, Chair
Foreign & Comparative Law, Richard H. Langan II, Chair
White Collar Crime, Marshall L. Miller, Chair
Women in the Legal Profession, Judith A. Archer, Chair, White Collar Crime Sub-committee