Committee Reports

Report Supporting the Authorization of Design-Build for New York City Public Projects


The Construction Law Committee (Virginia K. Trunkes, Chair) renewed its call for modern construction procurement laws in New York State in supporting legislation which authorizes New York City’s use of the design-build service delivery methodology for specified projects.  While the Committee takes no position on whether the specified projects, as opposed to other projects, are the most appropriate candidates for use of design-build, the Committee argues that the City should be granted the same ability to avoid unnecessary construction costs and optimize its capital budget and program, as does the State, through the use of design-build.  The City’s capital program is at least as broad and comprehensive as the State’s, and is supported by a sophisticated and highly-rated financing program and a time-tested and complete set of procurement rules affected by highly professionalized procurement personnel. Since 2008 the Committee has advocated for the adoption of modern construction procurement laws for all New York State agencies and political subdivisions/local governments, including New York City.


A.8134 (AM Benedetto) / S.6427 (Sen. Lanza) – Authorizes in the city of New York, for certain public works undertaken pursuant to project labor agreements, use of the alternative delivery method known as design-build contracts (NYS 2017)