2018 NYS Legislative Agenda: Modernize New York’s public procurement construction laws

Modernize New York’s public procurement construction laws to provide public owners with a wider variety of procurement and delivery modes, as necessary and appropriate, to reduce costs, speed delivery and improve quality and safety

The City Bar has extensively reviewed the statutory scheme for New York’s built environment, focusing primarily on those laws that regulate construction for public projects.  The result of this review is clear: New York needs to address its outdated, inefficient and inflexible built environment laws. The American Bar Association’s Model Procurement Code for Public Infrastructure Procurement (“MCPIP”) provides an excellent basis for statutory language.  With the MCPIP as a foundation, the state should convene a reform commission that brings all related stakeholders to the table to establish a new procurement code that is both modern and reflective of New York State’s particular history and construction markets.  By modernizing its public construction procurement laws, New York can best allocate and protect its significant investments on the horizon. 

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