Committee Reports

Report on legislation which would provide victims of domestic violence with the right to call and access police and emergency assistance as well as provide housing-related protections to victims of domestic violence


The Committee on Domestic Violence issued a report supporting, with recommendations, legislation which would amend New York’s Civil Rights Law to protect victims of domestic violence and other crimes from eviction on the basis that they have requested police or emergency assistance a certain number of times or for certain specified crimes or conduct. The bill also provides other housing-related protections to victims of domestic violence. The report notes the bill would: 1) protect the recognized and established First Amendment right of such victims to access police and emergency services; 2) ensure that landlords are not put in the untenable position of choosing between evicting a victim-occupant or facing financial, licensing or other penalty that threatens their livelihood; and 3) enhance public safety by ensuring that victims of crime are not thwarted or discouraged from calling for emergency assistance when needed and help to ensure that crimes are reported to police and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The Committee supports the purpose of the legislation and proposed drafting changes in an effort to ensure that the spirit of the bill is carried out.


A.9056 (AM Lavine) / S.6924 (Sen. Robach) – establishes the right of tenants to call police or emergency assistance without fear of losing their housing (NYS 2014)


Signed by the Governor, Chp. 263 (A.2665-A/S.4657) – September 13, 2019