Committee Reports

Report on legislation establishing a tax credit for the adoption of household pets


The Animal Law Committee wrote a report supporting a proposed amendment to the Tax Law which would provide a credit, of up to $100 per household pet, for up to three pets per taxable year, for pets adopted from a qualifying pound, duly incorporated professional organization or duly incorporated humane society. The tax credit would encourage taxpayers to adopt pets from animal shelters, thereby reducing the number of animals housed at pounds and humane societies as well as the number of animals that would need to be euthanized, and—because pets adopted from animal shelters generally must be spayed or neutered before adoption—would reduce the number of unwanted pets overall and, therefore, the number of animals that enter the shelter system.  


S.2894-B (Sen. Parker) – provides for tax credit for the adoption of household pets from animal shelter or humane society (NYS 2016)