Committee Reports

Letter to the New York City Council commenting on pending legislation designed to improve of the election process in New York City


The Committee on Election Law issued comments on a number of legislative proposals currently before the New York City Council that concern the improvement of the election process in New York City. In a letter to the Council, the Committee expressed views on the following legislative proposals: Int. 0062-2014, which would require the posting of notice of the new poll site or sites on any former poll site used in the previous four calendar years; Int. 0255-2014, which would require publication of the Voter Guide in at least eight languages; Int. 0302-2014, which would require the Board of Elections to be included in the Mayor’s Management Report; Int. 0376-2014, which would allow online voting for absentee and military voters for municipal offices; Int. 0508-2014, which would allow online Voter Registration; and Res. 0281-2014, which would require schools to hold registration drives on a new “Student Voter Registration Day.”


Int. 0062-2014; 0255-20140302-20140376-20140508-2014; Res. 0281-2014– pending proposals regarding the improvement of the election process in New York City


Int. 0062-2014 (requiring notice on former poll sites) Signed by the Mayor, 2016/062 – June 5, 2016

Int. 0508-2017 (creating an online voter registration system) Signed by the Mayor, 2017/238 – December 16, 2017