Committee Reports

Letter to the Chair of the NYC Council Committee on Housing and Buildings regarding legislation related to short term rentals


The Cooperative and Condominium Law Committee wrote to the New York City Council Committee on Housing and Building regarding a hearing on the subject of short-term rentals. The Housing and Building Committee, chaired by Councilmember Jumaane Williams, is considering a series of bills aimed at addressing issues surrounding short-term rentals, including proposals to increase transparency in enforcement and increase the civil penalties for violations of the law. The Committee, in conjunction with the Real Property Law Committee, has opposed efforts to legalize short-term housing, arguing that the rentals are in conflict with virtually all cooperative and condominium governing documents and advance a fundamentally flawed business model at odds within the confines of the cooperative and condominium laws of New York. 


Int. 0823-2015 – in relation to increasing transparency in enforcement against illegal conversions of dwelling units

Int. 0826-2015 – in relation to civil penalties for illegal conversions of dwelling units from permanent residences


Int. 0823-2015 signed by the Mayor, 2017/87 – May 30, 2017