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Calling for for Impeachment of President Trump – Capitol Storming

For violating his duty to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and execute the laws of the United States, by instigating and condoning the storming of the Capitol, and by soliciting election fraud from the state of Georgia, President Trump should be removed from office through the Twenty-Fifth Amendment or impeachment, the New York City Bar Association said in a statement today. 

“President Trump has betrayed his oath to the American people. Immediate steps must be taken to prevent any further seditious action by him and to ensure the integrity of our democracy and the security of the nation,” the statement reads. “These actions by the President and his supporters must not go unpunished.”

Further, the City Bar says it “should not need stating that the January 6 insurrection and the culpability of those who incited, aided or abetted it, including President Trump, merit thorough investigation,” and both houses of Congress should “consider whether any of their members were involved in inciting, aiding and abetting the riotous assault on Congress, and should consider appropriate disciplinary measures in the event of an affirmative finding, as well as a possible referral for prosecution to criminal justice authorities.”

Also requiring investigation are the failures of a number of law enforcement agencies, including “the lack of advance planning and preparation to protect the Capitol, and the subsequent actions of some Capitol police which appeared to show tolerance for, and in some cases assistance to, the rioters. These actions and inactions were conspicuous and require the prompt investigation that Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi have demanded. The largely White mob, which brandished flags and insignia proclaiming racist taunts and slogans familiar from Charlottesville and earlier Trump rallies, was left largely undisturbed as it roamed the Capitol, occupied the Senate and House chambers, ransacked offices (including the Speaker’s office) and removed papers and property from the building. Few individuals were arrested during the hours that they terrorized the Senators and Representatives locked in their offices or other secure locations.”

The statement also reminds federal employees that the obligation to refuse unlawful orders is not limited to those in the military. “Under the present circumstances of a continuing pattern of unlawful behavior by the President and his representatives, we remind all federal employees of the importance of taking appropriate steps to ascertain the legality of orders or directives which tell them to take action that they believe may be unlawful,” the City Bar states. “In evaluating the lawfulness of questionable orders and directives, it is fair, under present circumstances, to view them in the context of the President’s now-apparent orchestrated effort to defy the results of the November 3 Presidential election and to see individual actions as part of that effort.” The City Bar adds that if independent counsel is not available to provide advice to a government employee who receives such a questionable order, it may be possible to obtain pro bono representation.

The statement concludes, “When, as now, our Constitutional democracy is threatened by the actions of the very President sworn to uphold it, Congress must act decisively to preserve the foundations of our nation. The remedies suggested above are, we believe, necessary first steps that must be taken immediately to preserve our democracy and the rule of law.”

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