The Regulation of Pet Food

Panel discussing regulation of pet food

Pet food is a multibillion-dollar industry and has a significant impact on our current food system. Many humans consider themselves to be “pet parents” or “pet guardians” instead of “pet owners” which may have contributed to the growth in this industry. This program reviewed federal, state and local authority to regulate pet food and the relevant statutes. The program also discussed what information is mandatory on pet food labels and whether this information is meaningful to consumers. The program also focused on recent marketing trends in the pet food industry, such as holistic, natural, and organic pet foods, and what these terms even mean in the pet food context. Recent pet food recalls, including the 2007 melamine scandal, and the impact of failures in pet food regulation on human health was also discussed.

Ellen Fried, Adjunct Professor, NYU Department of Nutrition and Food Studies 
Mary Alestra, Assistant Attorney General, Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau, NYS Attorney General’s Office

Bari Wolf, Vernon & Ginsburg LLP and Member, Animal Law Committee

Sponsoring Association Committee:
Animal Law Committee, Christopher Wlach, Chair

Co-Sponsoring Association Committee:
Consumer Affairs Committee, Darren Bowie, Chair


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