Say It Ain’t Soy! The Labeling of Plant-Based Alternative Foods

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The dairy industry has made recent legal efforts to stop companies from using the terms “milk” and “cheese” for plant-based foods like soymilk and nut cheeses. The industry claims these product names mislead consumers and cash in on the reputation of animal-derived foods. Plant-based food producers disagree and have called for regulations that expressly let them use these terms for their products. Attorneys representing dairy farmers and plant-based food organizations discuss the issue at this program.

Nigel A. Barrella, Law Office of Nigel A. Barrella
Lorraine Lewandrowski, Lawyer and Dairy Farmer
Lori Barrett-Peterson, Chair, NYC Bar Animal Law Committee

Bari Wolf, Vernon & Ginsburg LLP

Sponsoring Association Committee:
Animal Law Committee, Lori Barrett-Peterson, Chair

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