Pillage Crimes: Ivory, Minerals and Cultural Heritage

Pillage Crimes panel

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In many of the world’s most destabilized areas, the grand theft of pillage is a regular and frightening occurrence.  Poaching of ivory and theft of minerals to fund armed groups and the destruction of religious sites and cultural heritage have been well documented. This program discusses the many pillage crimes currently being committed and the restrictions on such pillage in domestic and international law, including the Rome Statute and U. S. Dodd Frank Act.

Carly Oboth, Policy Advisor, Global Witness
Holly Dranginis, Senior Legal Analyst at The Sentry
Jimmiel Mandima, Program Officer, African Wildlife Foundation
Karen Mosoti, Head of the Liaison Office, International Criminal Court to the United Nations

Elizabeth Barad
, International Law and Gender Consultant, former co-chair of the NYC Bar’s African Affairs committee.

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