Contact Tracing the Coronavirus – Part III – 44th Street Podcast

New York City Bar Association · Contact Tracing the Coronavirus – Part III – 44th Street Podcast

Heather Hatcher, of the City Bar’s Health Law Committee and Science & Law Committee; Wesley Paisley, Secretary of the City Bar’s Information Technology and Cyberlaw Committee; and Tim Peterson, a member of the City Bar’s IT and Cyberlaw committee, speak with Christopher Dor, Research Compliance Associate at Weill Cornell Medicine; John Katt, Director of Technology, Development & Data at the Office of the New York City Public Advocate; and Tanya Blocker, Senior In-House Counsel at National Grid.

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Segment Start Time
Can the Employer Lead the Charge for Contact Tracing? 0:01:20
Relationships Between Different OSHA and State Governmental Entities re: Covid-19 Generally 0:03:05
Personal Devices vs. Employer Devices at Work, with Extreme Examples 0:05:10
Operation of Employer’s App in Workplace with Asymptomatic Covid-19 Employees 0:07:50
The Challenge of Shared Workplaces 0:11:44
Employer Obligations to Inform Employees Regarding Possible Covid-19 Exposure 0:16:03
Employee Spreading Covid-19 at Institution Research Board 0:19:24
Misuse of Contact Tracing-Generated Protected Health Information 0:23:55
Overview of Contact Tracing Technology 0:30:48
“Alternative Noise” 0:36:13
Whither the Algorithms? 0:38:40
Machine Learning 0:39:43
Risk Assessments for New Contact Tracing Apps; Parsing Data 0:40:50
Risks in Identifying High-Risk Communities 0:43:58
Capturing Non-Bluetooth Types of Data 0:45:48
Effective Saturation for Bluetooth Contact Tracing; Distrust Hindering Contact Tracing Efforts in Certain Communities 0:50:10
Who Defines When Collection Processing Ends 0:53:56
Processing Safeguards 0:56:03
National Security Exceptions and Community Wariness / Distrust 0:59:24
Solving Distrust While Obtaining Data – Legislation? Contract? Institutional Research Boards? 1:07:15
Crafting Data Retention Policy as an Institutional Review Board 1:11:52
Crafting Data Rention Policy as a City Government and Fears of Government Misuse of Data 1:15:09
Federal vs. State Redux 1:22:05
Chris Closing Conversation / Statement 1:23:37