Contact Tracing the Coronavirus – Part II – 44th Street Podcast

New York City Bar Association · Contact Tracing the Coronavirus – Part II – 44th

Heather Hatcher, of the City Bar’s Health Law Committee and Science & Law Committee; Wesley Paisley, Secretary of the City Bar’s Information Technology and Cyberlaw Committee; and Tim Peterson, a member of the City Bar’s IT and Cyberlaw committee, speak with Charles Morgan, President of the International Technology Lawyers Association and co-leader of McCarthy Tétrault’s Information Technology Law Group. 

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  1. Panelists
    1. Charles Morgan
  2. Resources
    1. Report: Technology Governance in a Time of Crisis
    2. International Technology Law Association / iTechLaw
Segment Start Time
Overview of Canadian Experience with Contact Tracing 0:00:43
Overview of Canadian Privacy Concerns with Contact Tracing 0:03:02
Application of Artificial Intelligence to Contact Tracing 0:06:55
GDPR Perspective of Artificial Intelligence Processing of Personal Data 0:09:06
Factors Affecting Speed of Contact Tracing Rollout Internationally Other Than Privacy Laws 0:10:51
Closer Look at Contact Tracing in Asia – South Korean Example, Legal Mandates, and Cultural Norms 0:13:48
Absolute and Relative Success of Contact Tracing 0:15:32
Urban Spikes in US and World, Patterns of Covid-19 Spread, Efficacy of Contact Tracing 0:18:21
Multinational Corporation Contact Tracing Solutions 0:21:37
Can the World Teach the United States Anything about Contact Tracing? 0:27:33
Limits on Personal Assembly, from a Canadian Legal Perspective 0:30:12
Fiduciary Duties and Canadian Data Broker Data Trusts for Contact Tracing 0:38:21
Report: Technology Governance in a Time of Crisis 0:40:58