Contact Tracing the Coronavirus – Part I – 44th Street Podcast

New York City Bar Association · Contact Tracing the Coronavirus – Part I

Heather Hatcher, of the City Bar’s Health Law Committee and Science & Law Committee; Wesley Paisley, Secretary of the City Bar’s Information Technology and Cyberlaw Committee; and Tim Peterson, a member of the City Bar’s IT and Cyberlaw committee, speak with Professor Joseph Ali and Dr. Brian Hutler of the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics.

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  1. Panelists
    1. Professor Joseph Ali
    2. Dr. Brian Hutler

  2. Resources
    1. Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resources
    2. Report: Digital Contact Tracing for Pandemic Response
      1. Full Report
      2. Kindle Link (Free)
Segment Start Time
History and Evolution of Contact Tracing 0:02:00
International Historical Example of Contact Tracing 0:04:45
Stigma to Contract Tracing 0:05:55
Role of Public Health Officials with Digital Contact Tracing 0:08:09
Political Will to Employ Contact Tracing Digital Technology 0:11:51
Overview of Options and Recommendations 0:16:09
Overview of Apple and Google Efforts 0:21:16
The Decentralized Nature of Contact Tracing, and, Does it Work? 0:27:11
Law Enforcement Using Data 0:31:36
Stigma Historically Affecting Certain Populations – How does it affect homeless today? 0:34:59
Private Incentives to Supply Homeless Digital Contact Tracing Devices 0:44:53
Alternatives to Google/Apple Digital Contact Tracing Partnership 0:50:01
Spplementary Technologies: The Taiwan Experience 0:53:53
Voluntary C-19 Posting Status on Social Media 0:55:21
User Consent / Terms of Conditions for Apps 0:55:36
Mandatory App Usage in US? 1:00:34
Efficacy / Effectiveness of Contact Tracing Apps 1:05:13
Alternate Lead Digital Contact Tracing Entities (i.e., states, large employers) to Take Leads 1:08:23
Responsible Use of Tracking Technologies 1:14:57
Evidence that Digital Contact Tracing Works? 1:20:25
Process of Tech Development Hindering Identification of Vulnerable Populations 1:23:19
Scaling Digital Contact Tracing and Recommendations for State Government 1:23:59
Optimism About Digital Contact Tracing 1:28:59
NBA Bubble and Other Similar Efforts 1:33:00
Where Can Listeners Get a Copy of the Report? 1:34:41
Are Cities the Correct Governmental Entities to Deal with Pandemics? 1:35:42