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Year in Review: Diversity & Inclusion in the Legal Industry (Bloomberg Law)

Bloomberg Law, December 8, 2017

Year in Review: Diversity & Inclusion in the Legal Industry

“The legal industry has a diversity problem. In our 2nd annual Diversity and Inclusion Report, Big Law Business reviews the current state of diversity and inclusion in Big Law. Our reporting throughout 2017 has shown that the industry may be at a turning point, but that there is much progress to be made in order to make the legal profession an equitable and welcoming place for all lawyers regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability status. For decades, law schools have churned out diverse graduates and yet the profession remains dominated by white men. And yet, 2017 was a year of optimism. While women and minorities still face uphill battles in Big Law, legal industry diversity and inclusion experts told Big Law Business they believe the profession may finally be reaching a turning point. One of the driving factors, they said, is the industry’s newfound commitment to accountability. ‘There’s been a shift in the conversation from aspirational to actionable.’ – Gabrielle Brown, New York City Bar Association.”

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