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Trump escalates attacks on judges amid increasing legal scrutiny (The Hill)

The Hill, May 29, 2023 

Trump escalates attacks on judges amid increasing legal scrutiny 

Susan Kohlmann, president of the New York City bar, said the disruptions go far beyond one case or one courthouse. ‘I do think we need to think about the future, and I think there are people who would consider being a judge, being a juror, being any part of the court system, who are going to think twice in the face of very, very serious threats to them and their families,’ she said….’Irresponsible attacks in social media, that are based on misinformation or untruths or merely designed for partisan gain … do damage to our justice system. They undermine the rule of law and the system we have in place to provide justice for all,’ said Marcy Kahn, who spent more than 30 years on the bench and now is the head of the New York City bar’s Task Force on the Rule of Law. ‘There’s a huge cost to the people who are caught up in this and who are the focus of the untrue statements. And this is really, really dangerous when there is no effort to be restrained about it, and when the person speaking has great influence over a great number of people who, for whatever reason, feel aggrieved and angry and are looking for some target to displace their anger on.’ 

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