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Trump Era In Spotlight At NYC Bar’s Diversity Conference (Law360)

Law360, June 19, 2017

Trump Era In Spotlight At NYC Bar’s Diversity Conference [subscription required]

“President Donald Trump was never far from the center of attention Monday morning at the New York City Bar Association’s Diversity and Inclusion Conference, the organization’s third annual symposium on attorneys’ responsibilities not only as litigants and activists but also as colleagues and community members. The event at the NYCBA’s Midtown headquarters assembled three panels to discuss lawyers’ ongoing efforts to expand and protect civil rights and representation for minority groups, including women, immigrants, Muslims and the disabled and LGBT communities….’We have a lot to talk about, this year more than most,’ NYCBA president John S. Kiernan said in his opening remarks. Kiernan said it was important to take stock of where diversity and inclusion efforts had made strides, such as in the fight for marriage equality and greater acknowledgement of trans rights. But he also noted where recent years brought setbacks to civil rights of African-Americans and immigrants. In the ‘politically charged environment’ of the current moment, attorneys might hear a renewed call to apply their skills to challenge the status quo, he said.”

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