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NYC Firms See Stagnant Growth For Women, Minorities (Law360)

Law360, October 17, 2016

NYC Firms See Stagnant Growth For Women, Minorities

“New York City law firms appointed more women to leadership positions in 2015 than the prior year, but progress stalled or decreased across the board for female and minority attorneys, a report released Monday by the New York City Bar Association…The city bar’s 2015 diversity benchmarking report found that women make up approximately 35 percent of all attorneys included in the study, and only 19.7 percent of partners, despite women representing nearly half of graduating law school classes for the last 20 years. The study also found high voluntary attrition rates for women and minorities, with 18.4 percent of women and 20.8 percent of minorities leaving their firms in 2015, compared to a rate of 12.9 percent for white males.”

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