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‘Frustrated’ with Lack of Diversity, NYC Bar Pushes for Transparency (Bloomberg Law)

Bloomberg Law, October 17, 2016

‘Frustrated’ with Lack of Diversity, NYC Bar Pushes for Transparency

“In the latest effort to improve the legal profession’s diversity problem, the New York City Bar Association has released a detailed report that shows sluggish progress among law firms in staffing women and diverse attorneys. ‘We had been really frustrated with the fact that we are all talking about these issues and nothing was changing,’ said Gabrielle Lyse Brown, director of diversity and inclusion at the association who was behind its renewed push for transparency into the staffing levels inside the opaque world of law firms. Although the bar association produces an annual report on diversity at New York law firms, this year the group requested more specific data including that firms provide a full breakdown of attorneys by ethnicity, race and gender and a sign-off from each firm’s managing partner. This was to ensure that the leadership within each firm was privy to their diversity profile, and they were shown how their figures stack up compared to competitors.”

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