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Con-con wasn’t the last chance for reform (Times Union)

Times Union, November 9, 2017

Con-con wasn’t the last chance for reform

“New York voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected the proposal to convene a Constitutional Convention. But whether you were a supporter or opponent, take heart — multiple avenues for political reform are still available. We can make our government work better Albany moves slowly, and too often disappoints proponents of reform. We should be undeterred. Everyone ought to coalesce around certain constitutional amendments and press the state Legislature into action. Convention supporter Bill Samuels has spelled out his ideas. The New York City Bar Association has listed its own suggestions, too. Whether or not you agree with these ideas or not, they are a good starting point for discussion. That should start now, because persuading two successive state legislatures, and then the voters of the state, to approve constitutional amendments will not be easy. But this is a propitious moment to make an all-out effort. Reforms could actually become effective in two short years.”

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