Civic Ed Volunteer Story: Kristen Fontaine

As a ninth grader in Rhode Island, Kristen Fontaine participated in We the People, a program whereby upper elementary and secondary students can increase their civic knowledge, competence and responsibility through mock congressional hearings. 

Now, as an Appellate Court Attorney at the New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, 2nd Department, she was eager to revisit the event as a volunteer. “Now that I’m in New York  I really wanted to get more involved in civic education, which I’m super passionate about,” she says. “So I’m just really happy that this program exists and that it’s so successful here and how it’s touching the lives of so many students.”

A member of the New York City Bar Association, Kristen volunteered through the Association’s online sign-up form, which is open to all lawyers (with opportunities for non-lawyers as well) who want to support civic education in New York City. 

“I’m just really glad that the City Bar is providing this opportunity for attorneys in the city to get involved in high school and in civic education,” she said. It’s something that I am really excited about and I’m really hopeful about participating in the future.”

See Kristen talk about her volunteer experience below, and volunteer to enhance civic education here