Advocating for Internet Access for the Homeless | 2023 NYS Legislative Agenda

We support legislation that would provide internet access to individuals residing in temporary housing throughout New York State. Since May 2020, with the release of the City Bar Justice Center’s report, “Homeless Need Internet Access To Find a Home: How Access to Internet and Technology Resources can Support Homeless Families Transition out of Homeless Shelters,” the City Bar and the Justice Center have issued multiple reports and advocated for reliable internet access to be available to shelter residents. New York’s shelters are overwhelmingly lacking internet access, an essential service which could reduce the length of residents’ stays and facilitate their exit into permanent housing. This digital divide is not a new problem, but it has only grown more severe since the COVID-19 pandemic. The legislation would cover State-funded temporary housing, including but not limited to family shelters, shelters for adults, domestic violence shelters, runaway and homeless youth shelters, and safe houses for refugees. This legislation would represent a significant step forward by ensuring that all shelter residents across New York State are guaranteed reliable internet access.

Advocacy Alert: Help Ensure Internet Access for New Yorkers Experiencing Homelessness


Passed the Senate – June 8, 2023