A Conversation with John D. Feerick: From Immigrant Family Life to Architect of the 25th Amendment

On July 27 we hosted a conversation between two former City Bar Presidents—John D. Feerick and Michael A. Cardozo–focusing on John Feerick’s recently publish Memoir, “That Further Shore” sharing his inspiring story from immigrant family life to practicing law, participating in framing the Constitution’s Twenty Fifth Amendment, serving as Dean of Fordham Law School and serving as Chair of State Commissions on Government Integrity.

Sheila S. Boston
New York City Bar President

Michael A. Cardozo          
Proskauer Rose; former New York City Corporation Counsel; and former New York City Bar President

John D. Feerick

Norris Professor of Law, Fordham University School of Law; Former Dean, Fordham University School of Law;  Founder and Senior Counsel of the Feerick Center for Social Justice; and former New York City Bar President