The Stetson Room at Saint Luke Award

Extract from the Will
of the Late Francis Lynde Stetson

“I give the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) to St. Luke’s Hospital upon condition that at all times and perpetually it shall maintain one free room called the Stetson Room, and therein shall furnish free treatment** for one member of the Bar Association aforesaid to be nominated from time to time by the President of the Association for the time being.”


Accepted by Saint Luke’s Hospital, January 30, l922.


Members wishing to avail themselves of this privilege should apply by letter to the President of the Association. The letter should give the name and address of the member’s doctor; the nature of the illness; and the expected duration of the stay in the hospital.


** Doctors’ fees and private duty nurses’ fees are not included. The fund will be used to pay hospital costs only in excess of the patient’s medical insurance, including Medicare