About Diversity Pipeline Initiatives

The City Bar’s Office for Diversity Pipeline Initiatives aims to provide professional development and educational programs for NYC students who are interested in pursuing legal careers.


Office for Diversity Pipeline Initiatives

Created in 2006, the Office for Diversity Pipeline Initiatives has worked to provide opportunities for high school, college and law students to develop necessary professional skills and gain exposure to the legal profession. In this effort, the City Bar collaborates with more than 120 public and private New York City high schools, 24 colleges and universities, 13 regional law schools, and more than 100 firms and organizations.

The City Bar’s Diversity Pipeline Initiatives works to provide students with academic support and preparation for law school, career exploration opportunities and exposure to the profession, professional and substantive skill development, and networking/mentoring opportunities.

In addition to the programs for students, the City Bar brings together employers, educators, regional pipeline organizations and diversity professionals at an annual forum to discuss challenges to pipeline diversity and suggest strategies and tactics to support diverse students who aspire to a legal career. Following each forum, the City Bar Committee on Diversity Pipeline Initiatives issues a set of best practices to assist with the development of diversity programs.

For a more detailed description of our program, please download our program brochure here, and more information about each program can be found here.

Committee on Diversity Pipeline Initiatives

The Committee on Diversity Pipeline Initiatives works with the Office to sponsor more than a dozen programs annually to support students at all levels of the pipeline as they pursue a legal career. The Committee is made up of representatives from law firms, corporations, public interest organizations, and academic institutions, and is comprised of three subcommittees: High School Initiatives, Undergraduate Initiatives, and Sponsorship/Partnership.

For more information about the Committee, please contact the Chair, Ari Joseph, at ajoseph@brownrudnick.com.