Committee Reports

Written testimony for the NYC Council Committees on Health, Education and Women’s Issues Hearing on Sex Education in NYC Schools


The Committee on Sex and Law submitted testimony to the New York City Council regarding the need for comprehensive, age-appropriate, medically accurate sexual health education for school age children in grades K – 12. The Committee has consistently argued that comprehensive sex education not only improves educational outcomes, but it teaches young people how to build respectful relationships, reduce bullying and grow into healthy adults.


T2015-3658 – Committees on Health, Education and Women’s Issues Oversight Hearing: Sex Education in NYC Schools


Int. 0952-2015 – requiring the Department of Education to report information regarding comprehensive health education

Int. 0957-2015 – requiring transparency from the Department of Education on instructors receiving training in sexual health


Int. 0952-2015 Signed by the Mayor, 2016/014 – February 8, 2016

Int. 0957-2015 Signed by the Mayor, 2016/015 – February 8, 2016