Committee Reports

Updated testimony in supporting legislation requiring lactation rooms in certain public spaces


The Sex and Law Committee (Katharine Bodde, Chair) provided updated testimony to the New York City Council Committee on Women’s Issues on legislation which would require lactation rooms in certain public spaces. The Committee initially testified on this issue in March 2016 and, as part of its continuing advocacy, the Committee made recommendations for strengthening the legislation. The Committee was pleased to see the bill amended to include language making clear that passage of the legislation does not preclude women from choosing to breastfeed in an open public space in accordance with their rights. And while the Committee’s recommendation to expand the legislation to include City public schools was not included in the final amendments, new reporting requirements will require the Department of Education to annually provide a report on its policies related to lactation room accessibility.


Int. 1063A-2016 – would require the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) to ensure that lactation rooms be available in certain locations providing services to the public.


Signed by the Mayor, 2016/094 – August 11, 2016