Committee Reports

Transition Memo to Elizabeth Glazer, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (April 2014)


The City Bar’s report 2013 Policy Recommendations for New York City’s Next Mayor was drafted as a way to focus the mayoral candidates on some of the most important legal policy issues facing New York City, from the perspectives of lawyers who work daily on issues vital to the City’s welfare. Following the election of Mayor Bill de Blasio, the City Bar’s Policy Department, with the help of the New York City Affairs Committee, distributed the report  to every citywide elected official, the City Council Speaker and all members of the Council, appointed Deputy Mayors, and many of the newly appointed commissioners and directors of City agencies. In recognition of the sheer number of advocacy documents these individuals receive upon taking office, we have worked to relay our recommendations in as targeted and tailored a manner as possible, highlighting the key issues of the report for the intended recipient. The goal is to ensure that elected and appointed officials know that we have a point of view on a wide variety of issues pertaining to City governance, on topics ranging from access to justice, public safety and civil liberties to social welfare, consumer protection, emergency preparedness, election law and animal law issues.