Committee Reports

Testimony before the New York City Council on A.2046/S.5048 regarding New York City fees for dog licenses (May 2014)


The Animal Law Committee presented testimony before the New York City Council with regard to A.2046/S.5048, which would allow New York City to set the amount of fees for dog licenses, allow for higher fees for unsterilized dogs, and set a fine for violating the license requirement. While the Committee supports the bill in the testimony, it recommended that the bill be amended to provide that the sole purpose of funds raised through licensing fees be animal shelter-related.


Committee on State and Federal Legislation hearing on M0050-2014, May 12, 2014.


A.2046 (AM Kavanagh) / S.5048 (Sen. Serrano) – relates to animal control and licensing of animals; relates to the better protection of lost and strayed animals and to securing the rights of owners thereof; relates to licensing of dogs in certain cities; relates to the animal population control fund.


Signed by the Governor, Chp. 485 – December 14, 2014