Committee Reports

Supplemental Report on Legislation Which Would Allow Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Claims Via Post-Conviction Motions

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Originally Issued April 2009; Most Recently Reissued April 2013


Signed by the Governor as A.2653S.1217, Chp. 501 – October 25, 2021


S.335 (Sen. Peralta) – permits the court to grant post-conviction motions to vacate a judgment when the issue raised upon such motion is ineffective assistance of counsel (NYS 2017); S.1345 (NYS 2016); A.2442/S.42 (NYS 2013-14); A.1135/S.1020 (NYS 2011-12); A.5170 (AM Lavine) / S.4667 (Sen. Schneiderman)(NYS 2009-10)